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Welcome Center

Welcome Center is the first building you would encounter after entering the main gate of the Resort, and is the place for Check-in and Check-out. 

Tel: +82-63-320-7830

Hotel Tirol

Hotel Tirol, a 5-star hotel at the Resort, is surrounde by the breath-taking view of Mt. Degyusan National Park. Hotel Tirol is famous for its unique Austrian atmosphere created by Austrian architecture. It's superb interior, dedicated staffs and various delicacies, and is often referred to as a "little Alps" in Korea.

Family Hotel

Family Hotel, Enjoy comfortable at Condominium Family Hotel. These Condominiums are perfect blending of natural world with modern lifestyle. Both their exterior and interior preserves natural color and create a sense of being away from home. The name of each complex represents Korean name of local flowers and trees that adds intimacy and familiarity to your stay.