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About Muju resort

Deogyusan Resort (former Muju Resort) is one of the most famous mountain peak ski resorts in Korea. Covering an area of over seven million square meters, the resort is located in the Gucheon-dong Valley, at the base of the famous Deogyusan Mountains. Nature lovers will particularly enjoy visiting the resort, since it is located in one of Korea's beautiful national parks, and was specially designed to harmonize with its natural surroundings.
The six ski slopes are categorized according to level of difficulty. The Silk Road Slope is Korea's longest course. It begins at the Peak of Deogyusan Seolcheon Mountain and follows the snow-covered landscape all the way to the base. The Raiders Course has the steepest slopes in the entire nation. As well as the truly great skiing on offer, the Deogyusan Resort also provides a wide selection of food and entertainment.
Less than three hours away from all the major cities in Korea, Deogyusan Resort is a perfect place to visit for everyone. No matter who you are and where you com from, it is certain that the scenery, your enjoyment and satisfaction will be memorized through your whole life.
Address Manseon-lo 185, Seolcheon-myeon, Muju-gun, Jeonbuk, Korea 568-811
Tel +82-63-322-9000
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