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SpeakerSøren Ulstrup

Søren Ulstrup is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Aarhus University in Denmark based on a Villum Young Investigator starting grant from the Villum Foundation since 2017. He is responsible for a new beamline and end-station at the synchrotron radiation source ASTRID2, which will be capable of performing angle-resolved photoemission experiments with sub-micron spatial resolution (microARPES). His main interests are the electronic and optical properties of low-dimensional systems, Dirac materials and many-body interactions in correlated compounds. The development and application of modern light sources such as synchrotrons, ultrafast lasers and free electron lasers (FELs) are key aspects in his research.
He obtained his PhD degree in Physics from Aarhus University in 2014, focusing on the electronic structure and ultrafast dynamics of Dirac Fermions in the two-dimensional material graphene. Some of his most significant contributions focused on time-resolved ARPES performed on graphene using ultrafast lasers at the Central Laser Facility in the UK. He then moved to a postdoc position at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) in the USA. Here, he joined the end-station team at the Microscopic And Electronic STructure Observatory (MAESTRO) at the Advanced Light Source (ALS) where he took part in the final commissioning of the new PEEM, microARPES and nanoARPES end-stations. The research mainly focused on the electronic structure of exfoliated 2D materials and stacked van der Waals compounds. These materials are typically “small”, demanding high spatial resolution in the photoemission technique.